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October 18, 2019

One in Three Students Impacted by Cyberbullying

  • Anxiety, Depression, Patients and Families

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, raising awareness and focusing attention on ways to prevent bullying. While much of the focus is on bullying in schools, bullying can take place at home among siblings too and among adults in the workplace. Bullying also happens to people of all ages in the digital world. Cyberbullying refers to someone repeatedly and intentionally harassing, mistreating, or making fun of another person online or while using cell phones or other electronic devices.

October 03, 2019

Latino Youth: Overcoming Challenges to Mental Health and Access to Care

  • Anxiety, Depression, Diverse populations, Patients and Families, Trauma

Latino youth are more likely than their peers to have mental health issues, which often go unaddressed and untreated, according to a recent review of research by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Many Latino youth face several stressors related to family life and to community/school that can impact their mental health.

September 20, 2019

More Evidence of the Benefits of Trees in Urban Areas

  • Anxiety, Depression, Patients and Families

Previous research has tied people’s exposure to natural environments, such as urban green spaces, to better health and mental health. A new study looks at whether a specific type of green space— trees, grass or low-lying vegetation— provides benefits.

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