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Frequently Asked Questions

Please also refer to the MindGames Rules and Regulations for more details about and rules for the competition.

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Any general psychiatry residency program in the US (ACGME-accredited) or Canada may create one team to participate. Team members must all be APA members.

No. Fellows may not create their own team but can individually join the general residency team. Teams are allowed to have only one fellow member.

The exam is comprised of multiple-choice questions following the ABPN Part Ⅰ content outline, including neurology and history.

Yes, as long as they do not provide assistance to the team. We trust that all teams will comply with the rules.

Yes, substitutions are allowed. Substitution must be an APA member.

Only the scores of the three finalist teams will be publicized. No other scores will be made public. However, if you are a program director or team member and would like to know your team’s score, email [email protected] and we will privately send your team’s score.

The team captain is the APA’s point of contact, aside from the Program Director. Announcements will be sent to the captain, who is then responsible for disseminating the information to the rest of the team. The qualification exam must also be taken only under the Team Captain's APA Learning Center Account.

The cut-off for the online exam is January 26, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Any scores recorded after that cut-off time will be immediately disqualified.

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