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How to Submit a Member Obituary

APA accepts the submission of member obituaries from contributors. If you are a colleague, friend or family member and would like to submit an obituary to appear on this site, please follow the criteria for submission below.

APA will check to ensure the subject of the submission was a member and correct any grammatical mistakes we spot.

Submission Requirements

  • The full name of the member
  • Your name and relation to the subject of the obituary
  • Confirmation you have permission from the family to write the obituary, if you are not a family member
  • A photograph of the member
  • An obituary of approximately 500 words, in electronic form.

Please write the obituary in sentence form (not in the style of a CV), and begin the obituary with a summary or condensed version of the individual's achievements. We also suggest including anecdotes and personal recollections. At the end of the obituary, please include sources for the information you provide.

Submit a Member Obituary

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