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International Application: Research Colloquium for Junior Psychiatrist Investigators


The Research Colloquium for Junior Psychiatrists is presented by APA in conjunction with the APA Council on Research’s Workgroup on Research Training. The program includes one two-day and two one-day in-person immersive, research experience for junior psychiatrists in the beginner-level (Track 1) and intermediate-level (Track 2) of their research training in psychiatry. It is an important opportunity for mentorship, guidance, information on research career development and grantsmanship, and networking with senior research mentors in psychiatry (i.e., Drs. Charles Nemeroff, Kerry Ressler, Anissa Abi-Dargham, and Wilson Compton) and from the sponsoring organizations. Candidates whose research interests are similar to those listed below are encouraged to apply.

The year-round program will focus on the following six research areas:

  1. Molecular, Translational, and Neuroscience Research
  2. Clinical Psychobiology
  3. Treatment from Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy to Neural Strategies
  4. Alcohol, Pain, and Other Substance Use Research
  5. Health Disparities and Health Services Research
  6. Military and Veteran Mental Health Including PTSD, TBI, and Suicide

Colloquium participants must attend the following events: 

  1. At least one virtual pre-colloquium seminar and one virtual post-colloquium virtual seminar (February-April).
  2. The two-day in-person immersive Research Colloquium at the APA Annual Meeting (May 4-5, 2024).
  3. The one-day in-person Early Research Career breakfast at the APA Annual Meeting (May 7, 2024).
  4. The 6-month in-person Colloquium Booster Session at the ACNP Annual Meeting (December 7, 2024). 
  5. The 12-month in-person Colloquium Booster Session at the SOBP Annual Meeting (April 23, 2025). 

Program Benefits

Nominating institutions and organizations must provide funding to selected participants for travel, accommodation, APA international membership fees and registration.

The APA has funding to provide two participants form geographically and socio-economically disadvantaged developing countries with travel stipends based on verified eligibility and statement of need (see application for more details). The two selected participants will receive a total stipend of $3,600.00 to help pay for hotel and transportation expenses to attend the 2-day Colloquium (including Early Research Career Breakfast) at the 2024 APA Annual meeting, 6-month Colloquium Booster Session at the 2024 ACNP Annual Meeting, and 12-month Colloquium Booster Session at the 2025 SOBP Annual Meeting.

  • Stipend 1: You will receive $1,200.00 after you attend the 2-day Colloquium and Early Research Career Breakfast at the APA Annual Meeting.
  • Stipend 2: You will recieve $1,200.00 after you attend the 6-month Colloquium Booster Session during the 2024 ACNP Annual Meeting.
  • Stipend 3: You will recieve $1,200.00 after you attend the 12-month Colloquium Booster Session during the 2025 SOBP Annual Meeting.


  • Updated Curriculum Vitae (5 page maximum)
  • Two-page statement describing current and proposed research projects
  • One-page abstract of a study that is new or in progress. This abstract should 1) fall within your stated area of research interest; 2) be a project that would benefit from feedback and mentorship; 3) be in line with your personal research career goals. You should not submit a project that has been completed and/or published. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].
  • 250-word personal statement by the nominee describing how their attendance at the Colloquium will further his/her career goals.
  • Sponsor's letter of recommendation, either from the nominee's research mentor or other faculty member, describing the nominee's potential as a researcher and potential to benefit from the Colloquium. The sponsor’s letter must confirm that sponsorship/financial support will be provided to the nominee to support their attendance at the Colloquium.
  • If accepted to take part in the Colloquium:
    • Participants will be asked to briefly discuss their research idea/study in small groups of 5 mentees to 3-4 senior mentors and present it in a poster format.
    • Participants will be asked to present on their research idea/study in a formal 15- to-20-minute oral PowerPoint presentation in small group breakout sessions and poster presentation formats.

Criteria / Eligibility

  • Beginner- or intermediate-level early research career psychiatrist investigators who are residents, fellows, or junior faculty.
  • Should be a member of the APA or be eligible to become a member of the APA once notified of acceptance.
  • International applicants must be nominated and sponsored by their instituition, country's psychiatric association, or branch of ACNP/SOBP.
  • Should have interest and potential in developing a research career in one or more of the six research areas listed above.
  • Must be able to attend all Colloquium events, which include:
    • A pre-Colloquium webinar and post-Colloquium webinar (February - April);
    • The two-day immersive Research Colloquium (May 4-5, 2024); and
    • The APA Early Research Career Breakfast (May 7, 2024)
    • Six month Colloquium Booster Session (December 7, 2024)
    • 12-month Colloquium Booster Session (April 23, 2025)
  • Early research career psychiatrist investigators conducting minority health and health disparities research in these subject areas are encouraged to apply.
  • Past participants in the Research Colloquium who previously participated in track 1 are eligible to apply for track 2 following a two-year gap. (e.g., If you participated as a track 1 in 2020, then you are eligible to apply for track 2 in 2022).
  • Individuals with federal research awards (e.g., R01, R03 Awards) are not eligible.
  • Track 1 (Beginner-level) applicants must:
    • Be interested in psychiatric research.
    • Be in the early stage of developing area of research interest.
    • Be able to give a 15- to-20-minute oral presentation on a new or ongoing research interest, project, or proposal in its early development phase within a small group session and present a poster on the research idea during the poster session to receive guidance from assigned team mentors.
  • Track 2 (Intermediate level) applicants must:
    • Be interested in psychiatric research.
    • Have a clear research area of interest, but need mentorship in moving forward to develop a K-award project or fine-tuning their research portfolio.
    • Be able to give a 15- to-20 minute oral presentation on an ongoing research project or research protocol in a small group session and present a poster on the same research study during the poster session.


Applications are due January 1 at 11:59 P.M. PT.


Notification will occur in February.


Margaret Maison, M.P.H.
[email protected]

Submit all application requirements through our online form.

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