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Implement the Collaborative Care Model

Learn more about how to implement the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM), including a guide, job descriptions, and a financial modeling tool.

Implementation Guide

This guide from the University of Washington, AIMs Center is an introduction to the process of implementing the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM, from the crucial first step of understanding what it is to monitor outcomes once CoCM is in place. Each step contains learning objectives along with materials to help you achieve them.

Financial Modeling Workbook

APA's Support and Alignment Network and the Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions (AIMS) Center, in collaboration with the Institute for Family Health, created the Financial Modeling Workbook, which helps practices more accurately:

  • Estimate visit volume and the number of patients served;
  • Define and analyze how much time staff engage in key integrated care tasks; and
  • Estimate fee-for-service and CoCM CPT Code potential revenues

Questions About the Workbook?

Join APA and AIMS Center Financing monthly Office Hours the first Wednesday of every month from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. ET.

Office Hours Dial-In Information:

[Webinar Recording] Billing, Workflow and Administrative Tools for Successful implementation of the Collaborative Care Model

This webinar provides practical information on how to overcome common barriers to practice transformation and sustainability including:

  • Collaborative Care Model billing requirements,
  • Documentation, and
  • Clinical workflow challenges.

The Practice and Billing Toolkit (.pdf)

Tools for Successful Implementation of the Collaborative Care Model

This toolkit is a compilation of sample tools and resources from pioneer practices who have implemented the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) and are billing for services delivered in the model. Topics covered include:

  • Documenting Consent
  • Provider Script for Introducing Collaborative Care to Patients
  • Collaborative Care Patient Education Materials
  • Patient and Provider Satisfaction Survey
  • Provider Satisfaction Survey
  • Behavioral Health Care Manager Experience Survey
  • Time Tracking
  • Overview of the Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management CPT Codes
  • And more

If you, or your practice, have good examples, please send them to us at [email protected] as we would like to continue to build our library.

CoCM Team Job Descriptions

Advancing Integrated Care

APA is collaborating with the AMA, and primary care organizations to advance the integration of mental health care into primary care. View webinar recordings and learn more about the AMA BHI coalition.

CoCM Practice Testimonials

The Collaborative Care Model at University of Pennsylvania Medicine (Philadelphia, Pa.)

The Collaborative Care Model at OneWorld Community Health Centers (Omaha, Neb.)

Examples of Implementation of Collaborative Care

Find examples of the model being implemented across different service and payer types.

Recommendations for Implementation

While much has been achieved, further efforts are necessary to realize the promise of behavioral health integration. The following recommendations highlight areas in need of additional research and development.

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