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Starting a Practice

Practice Management for Psychiatrists: The Basics

An online reference guide for any APA member thinking of starting or changing a practice. Although specifically designed to meet the needs of resident-fellow members and early career psychiatrists, the information it contains may also be of value to those who have been in practice for years.

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The handbook is divided into seven sections.

Starting Out

Information on how to find a position or choose a private practice location and how to obtain the licensing and certification.

Establishing Your Own Practice

Practical issues involved in establishing a private practice.

Maintaining Your Practice

Ongoing issues encountered in private practice.

Patient Care Issues

Specifically related to your contacts with patients, including confidentiality, duty to warn, informed consent, civil commitment, and medical records.

Managed Care Issues

Topics related to practicing in managed care settings, including contract considerations, appeal denials, and more. Also includes issues most often cited by APA members calling the Practice Management Help Line.

Professional Issues

Ethical issues encountered in the practice of psychiatry, as well as managing relationships with patients, reducing malpractice risk, and practice guidelines.

Legal Issues

Key legal issues encountered by psychiatrists, including information about Medicare and Medicaid, definitions of what constitutes fraud and abuse, a brief discussion of ERISA and antitrust issues, and an introduction to the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Also included is a bibliography,glossary, and 27 practical appendices. Of particular interest may be Appendix D, Utilizing the APA and Its Resources, which provides a compendium of the services that APA offers and phone numbers to access them.

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