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Submit Proposals for Making Changes to DSM-5-TR

Propose changes, corrections and clarifications to the DSM–5-TR.

Process, Guidelines and Requirements

APA invites proposals for changes to DSM-5-TR. Changes will be made on a rolling basis as warranted by advances in the science of mental disorders. Advances in digital publishing have paved the way to the adoption of this "continuous improvement" model. This approach differs from the previous mechanism for making changes to the DSM, which was to revise the manual in its entirety at variable intervals. Although this older approach had the advantage of facilitating standardized communication among users of the classifications, it prevented the incorporation of new scientific knowledge into the manual as it emerged.

Anyone can initiate the process for consideration of a proposal for changes to the DSM via this website. Most proposals will require the submission of supportive information in a structured format including the reasons for the change, and data documenting improvements in validity, evidence of reliability and clinical utility, and consideration of potential deleterious consequences. Explicit criteria regarding the type of evidence that is expected to be submitted are summarized in the DSM-5-TR Proposals Submission Guidance Document (.pdf). Proposals involving only minor corrections or clarifications of the diagnostic criteria or text will not require supporting data.

The revision process is overseen by a Steering Committee of experts in psychiatric nosology, research, and practice who have been vetted for conflicts of interest using the same standards as for DSM-5-TR. A summary of the revision process can also be found in the DSM-5-TR Proposals Submission Guidance Document (.pdf). Proposals that are determined to have sufficient supporting evidence will be posted for public comment. The Steering Committee's recommendations, along with a summary of public comments, will be forwarded to the APA Board of Trustees for approval.

Review the following documents that describe the submission process:

  1. DSM-5 Proposals Submission Guidance Document (.pdf)
  2. Sample of the proposal form – Types 1,2,3,5,6, and 7 (.pdf)
  3. Sample of the proposal form – Type 4 (.pdf)

Important: These samples are for reference only, please do not use them to submit an application.

Before proposing changes, corrections or clarifications please read and sign the confidentiality and copyright agreement linked below. Once you have read and signed the agreement, you can proceed with your submission by clicking the "Propose Changes to DSM-5-TR" button below.

Confidentiality and Copyright Agreement

Propose Changes to DSM–5-TR

Important: Only proceed with proposal submission if you have completed the confidentiality and copyright agreement.

The following link will take you to a submission portal for proposing your change. Note that all information must be completed for your proposal to be considered.

Propose Changes to DSM–5-TR Here

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