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Interested in Serious Mental Illness (SMI)? We’ve Got Sessions for You.

  • April 12, 2023

During the 2023 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, it’s important to take away practical, actionable guidance that enhances your daily clinical practice. With that in mind, clinical experts from SMI Adviser are leading several high-quality, high-impact sessions on topics around serious mental illness (SMI).

Two Learning Labs: Long-Acting Injectables and Hearing Voices

Want to leave the conference with new skills to use right away? This learning lab is ideal for early-career and experienced clinicians alike. It’s led by three national experts and offers practical, hands-on training to become a pro with long-acting injectables (LAIs). Requires pre-registration.

  • Find answers to key questions about LAIs
  • Hear evidence on the efficacy of LAIs and how to overcome barriers to their use
  • Practice identifying and preparing injection sites
  • Benefit from live, simulated practice on administering injections

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Supporting Person-Centered Care: A Simulation of Hearing Voices

  •  Sunday, May 21, 2023
  •  10:30 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

If you like immersive learning, put this learning lab on your must-attend session list. It’s a groundbreaking, empathy-building event that’s equal parts authentic, powerful, and profound. And it’s designed by individuals who hear voices themselves. No matter what your experience level, find new understanding that you can apply in all practice settings. Requires pre-registration.

  • Experience the intrusion of auditory hallucinations (AH) through dynamic simulations
  • Simulate the experience of hearing voices while you engage in common activities
  • Take away practical guidance on how to work with people who hear distressing voices

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Questions About Clozapine? Get All the Basics in Clozapine 101.

Clozapine is the only pharmacologic treatment approved by the FDA for treatment-resistant schizophrenia. Despite that, is it widely underutilized with people who may benefit from it. This session reviews everything you need to know about clozapine, and then some.

  • Learn how to safely start new patients on clozapine
  • Find guidance on how to talk about clozapine with individuals and family members
  • Review the evidence on how to use clozapine along with other medications, measure its blood levels, and more
  • Ask questions and hear tips on how to navigate clozapine REMS

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The Importance of Community Participation

SAMHSA identifies meaningful community participation as an essential dimension of life in recovery from SMI. In fact, evidence shows that community integration is associated with positive health outcomes and improved quality of life. Attend this session to learn all you need and more about this important topic and how you can help people in your care participate in their communities.

  • Turn into a pro on the concepts, evidence, and frameworks that drive community inclusion
  • Learn how to promote community participation among people who have SMI and are in underserved populations
  • Unlock the secrets on how to partner with the growing peer workforce to create solutions that address community inclusion

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Know How to Address the Needs of Someone in a Crisis?

There’s no question that a crisis is disruptive. It impacts all the people involved in different ways. And its often sudden and unexpected onset can have a wide and lasting effect. This training offers a diverse skillset of responses to help avoid crises or lessen its impact.

  • Understand all the causes, traits, dynamics, and stages of a crisis
  • Grow your own self-awareness skills and leverage them as tools to use for de-escalation
  • Learn new skills in nonverbal communication, active listening, engagement strategies, and more

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