A Unique Sponsorship Opportunity

The Mental Health Innovation Zone engages attendees with opportunities to learn from and network with leaders in mental health technology and innovation.

Don’t miss out on the chance to support an excellent program to bring together forward-thinking psychiatrists and other mental health leaders at the premier psychiatric conference in the world.


  • 2019 APA Annual Meeting
  • Saturday, May 18 through Tuesday, May 21
  • Moscone Center
  • San Francisco, Calif.

Sponsor Benefits

With a focus on interactivity and networking, the Innovation Zone offers many opportunities for engagement.

Sponsors can reserve smart desks for demonstrations.

In addition to exhibitor kiosks, the Innovation Zone will feature a theatre and stage for a series of lectures and panel discussions.

Sponsors can get involved through presentations, Ted-style talks, signage, a presentation companion MedicalMind podcast interview, program recognition and unique badges.

Sponsors will have additional brand visibility opportunities through the Innovation Zone’s web presence and the mobile meeting app.

Sponsorship Tiers

Geopbyte: $30,000

Includes: Smart desk with customizable panels in the Innovation Zone, one-hour industry expert presentation, signage, presentation companion MedicalMind podcast interview, onsite interview and program recognition, (3) MHIZ exhibitor badges.

Gigabyte: $15,000

Includes: Smart desk in the Innovation Zone, 30-minute demonstration or session, signage, and program recognition, (2) MHIZ exhibitor badges.

Megabyte: $5,000

Includes: 15-minute Ted-style talk, program recognition.

Byte: $2,000

Includes: Program recognition.


Contact Nina Taylor at ntaylor@psych.org or by phone at 202-559-3678 for more information.

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If you have questions about the Psychiatry Innovation Lab, please contact us via email at ntaylor@psych.org.

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