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Members Course of the Month

Each month, APA members have free access to an on-demand CME course on a popular topic.*

March Course of the Month

Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital Health Technology but Were Afraid to Ask

Digital health technologies (DHT) have the potential to radically alter the landscape of medical treatment. The use of DHT has increased access to treatment and has the potential to improve outcomes and help decrease stigma. Unfortunately, the demand for DHT has outpaced the research needed to prove these interventions safe and effective. This course will introduce a broad definition of DHT and provide examples of digital health interventions, including current research and evidence. Potential benefits, as well as ethical, regulatory, reimbursement, and social concerns, will be introduced, and more.

March Bonus Course for All Members

Emotional Support Animals: What Psychiatrists Need to Know

Psychiatrists may be asked to write a letter supporting a patient’s request for an emotional support animal (ESA). Laws regulating ESAs vary across federal, state, and local jurisdictions. Because this is an evolving area of law, psychiatrists need to stay up to date with laws in their jurisdictions. This course will provide an overview of the clinical, ethical, and legal considerations that a psychiatrist should consider when asked to write an ESA letter for a patient, describe the relevant federal and state laws, explore the evidence base for the use of ESAs, review the process of conducting an ESA evaluation, and discuss the liability-related concerns.

Past Members Course of the Month

*Each Members Course of the Month will be available free to members for the duration of the applicable month. The course will continue to be available for a fee after the month expires.

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