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Members Course of the Month

Each month, APA members have free access to an on-demand CME course on a popular topic.*

March Course of the Month

Women’s Mental Health Care in 2022: Practice Tips and Resources for Advancing Quality and Reducing Risk

The care of women in life stages related to childbirth (pregnancy, postpartum, lactation) poses unique challenges and risks for psychiatrists. Obtaining timely, relevant, and evidence-based information in a rapid and easily understandable format is critical for both psychiatrists and patients, as well as developing strategies for ensuring safe and quality care and mitigating any practice risks. This course will review cases, debate best practices, and review risk management strategies.

Past Members Course of the Month

*Each Members Course of the Month will be available free to members for the duration of the applicable month. The course will continue to be available for a fee after the month expires.

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