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Members Course of the Month

Each month, APA members have free access to an on-demand CME course on a popular topic.*

February Course of the Month

Eating Disorders: A Clinical Update

Eating disorders are serious psychiatric conditions associated with significant medical and psychiatric morbidity and high mortality rates. This course reviews some of the current issues relevant to identifying and treating eating disorders including Anorexia Nervosa and ARFID, emerging data about the importance of recognizing Atypical Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and BED, and the pharmacotherapy that has demonstrated efficacy for these conditions.

February Bonus Course for All Members

Social (In)Justice and Mental Health

Social justice entails equal access to liberties, rights, and opportunities, as well as care for the least advantaged members of society. This course addresses the ways in which society’s failure to deliver on that humane ideal harms people with mental illness, presents a framework for thinking about why these inequities exist, and provides clinicians with a roadmap to address these inequalities.

Past Members Course of the Month

*Each Members Course of the Month will be available free to members for the duration of the applicable month. The course will continue to be available for a fee after the month expires.

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