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About Minority and Underrepresented (M/UR) Caucuses

APA minority caucuses give psychiatrists the opportunity to explore mutual issues, voice diverse opinions, and promote needed change. Participation in an APA caucus is free. Caucus members meet during the APA's spring Annual Meeting, where they advocate for minority patient populations, discuss social and health-related issues, and explore concerns related to professional growth and advancement for minority members. Moreover, each caucus elects two representatives to the APA Assembly who have the same privileges and voting rights as district branch representatives.

There are seven APA M/UR caucuses:

  • American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian
  • Asian-American
  • Black
  • Hispanic
  • International Medical Graduates
  • Women

Membership in a caucus is free and is reserved for APA members. A member may enroll in more than one M/UR caucus but may vote and/or hold elected office only in one M/UR caucus. Members will identify their voting caucus at the time of enrollment and may change it only once per year (on a May to May schedule).

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