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Stress & Trauma Toolkit

for Treating Historically Marginalized Populations in a Changing Political and Social Environment

APA developed this toolkit to help providers understand the unique circumstances facing historically marginalized populations, and the impact that the current sociopolitical climate in the United States has on their mental health. These populations share some commonalities: historical trauma, impact from the current sociopolitical climate, and biopsychosocial risks for anxiety, depression, and trauma. This toolkit aims to give readers the following:

  • Deeper understanding of cultural concepts of distress, and of how the social determinants of mental health affect these vulnerable populations.
  • Suggested recommendations for screening and treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder; including partnering with primary care providers to deliver integrated care where appropriate.
  • Evidence-based recommendations for providing mental health and substance use disorder services compatible to the culture and values of each specific population.
  • Tools to connect people in these populations to community resources.
  • General treatment recommendations and resources applicable for all population groups experiencing stress and trauma.

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