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Medical Student Membership Extension

Medical students, including international medical students (outside the United States and Canada), are now eligible (as of January 2024) to request an extension to APA Medical Student Membership or International Medical Student Membership if:

  • you will be completing your medical school training within the next 90 days, or
  • have completed your medical school training within the last three years and are pursuing residency training in psychiatry.

Any individual granted this extension will remain an APA Medical Student or International Medical Student Member until no later than December 31, three years after my medical school completion date.

If you do not have an active APA Medical Student membership, please continue by applying here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals can apply for the extension as soon as 90 days prior to graduation from medical school, through three-years after graduation. The maximum extension will be December 31 three-years after graduation, regardless of when the application is submitted.

You must be an active APA Medical Student Member or International Medical School Member, meeting the requirements of membership, and meeting the timing requirements before or after graduation (see above). Once your membership is active or reinstated, you may access the attestation form located at (see the button on the left side for Medical Student Extension). Once submitted, your request will be reviewed, and you will receive confirmation if is approved.

Any medical school graduate may request an extension to their Medical Student membership for a period of up to, but not more than three years (ending December 31 of that year). For anyone who was not a member upon graduation may apply for APA membership and applications will be reviewed and approved for the same maximum three-year extension.

Yes, this extension will be available to any Medical School or International Medical School Graduate, regardless of where you reside or plan to reside after graduation.

If you do not match into a psychiatry residency program, please contact [email protected] to cancel your membership. If you don’t match into a psychiatry residency program, your membership will automatically be cancelled at the end of the three-year extension.

During the Medical Student or International Medical Student membership extension, dues will remain free. This is subject to change. Anyone in this extended category will be able to purchase a print subscription of the American Journal of Psychiatry for $26. For medical school member graduates who purchased this subscription will need to purchase a new subscription that will cover the length of the extension.

Once you match into a psychiatry residency program, you can visit the join section of the APA website to learn about RFM membership and apply. Residents and Fellows in training in the United States and Canada are required to become dual members of APA and the local District Branch in the jurisdiction of their training program. APA does not charge dues to first-year residents (at any PG level), similar to most District Branches. Some residents may be in programs that participate in APA’s 100% Club who pay for residents’ membership dues, so you will want to check with your Program Coordinator or Program Director.

No, there is only one extension offered.

Those enrolled in a one-year primary care training program to be followed by an approved psychiatric residency are eligible for Resident-Fellow Member status, as are residents in a combined specialty program.

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