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Psychiatry Innovation Lab

A Mental Health Innovation Zone Event

Prize winners at the 2023 Innovation Zone
Room layout at the 2023 Innovation Zone

The Psychiatry Innovation Lab functions as an incubator at the American Psychiatric Association (APA), nurturing innovative ventures aimed at transforming mental health care. We provide support to early-stage ideas and enterprises through education and collaborative opportunities within our dynamic mental health innovator community.

At the core of the Psychiatry Innovation Lab is an annual live event held at the APA Annual Meeting within the Mental Health Innovation Zone. This event brings together psychiatric leaders and experts from business, technology, medicine, and government. It concludes with awards, including the Most Promising Innovation & Audience Choice.

Attendees and panelists at the 2023 Innovation Zone

Currently, APA is inviting applications/pitches for groundbreaking concepts that improve mental health care delivery and advance psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, or patient management.

The deadline for submitting your pitch is 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, March 15, 2024.

Submit Your Pitch

The most promising applicants will receive invitations to present their ideas in person to a panel of judges and attendees during the 2024 APA Annual Meeting in New York City on May 7, 2024, from 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. ET. Finalists will be chosen and informed of their selection in early April 2024.

Submission Guidelines

Individuals and groups interested in submitting their ideas should complete this submission form by or before Friday, March 1, 2024. The form includes uploading a 3-5 minute video recording of your innovation pitch. Your video can be uploaded in the form of a YouTube link, an MP4 file, or any other easily shareable video format.

Panelists speaking onstage at the 2023 Innovation Zone

In your video, please address the following questions:

  1. Introduce Yourself & Your Motivation: Share insights about your background and why you’re passionate about participating in the PIL.
  2. Define the Mental Health Challenge: Clearly outline the specific problem within the realm of mental health care that your innovation seeks to address.
  3. Present Your Solution: Detail your proposed solution, and if applicable, discuss any preliminary research or evidence supporting its efficacy.
  4. Business Model & Monetization Strategies: Explain how you plan to sustain and grow your innovation through a business model or monetization strategies.
  5. Identify Your Target Market: Define the demographic or group you aim to serve with your innovation.
  6. Highlight Your Competitive Advantage: Elaborate on what sets your idea apart and gives it an edge in the mental health care sector.

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For more information, contact [email protected].

Photos by Shruti Arora, M.D./Ph.D. Student, UC Davis

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