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Preventing Depression with an Online Self-help Program

  • Depression, Patients and Families

A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry in May finds that an online guided self-help program significantly reduced the risk of depression in a group of people at high risk for the mental disorder.

Social Connections Key to Maintaining Mental Well-being

  • Depression, Patients and Families

Positive social connections have consistently been shown to support mental health and well-being. New research finds that social support is also key to coping with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has upended life for most of us, and the uncertainty, economic strain and isolation have left many struggling with stress, anxiety or depression.

Americans Report Mental Health Effects of Climate Change, Worry About Future

According to the latest Healthy Minds Monthly* poll from the American Psychiatric Association (APA), 58% of adults believe climate change is already impacting the health of Americans and nearly half (48%) agree that it’s impacting the mental health of Americans. Half of adults (51%) are anxious about climate change’s impact on future generations.

5 Key Things to Know About Kids and Climate Change 

  • Anxiety

Many adults are anxious and concerned about the potential impacts of climate change – and many kids are too. Younger adults are more likely to be concerned that older adults, according to a recent APA poll, specifically More than half (57%) of young adults (18-34 years) feel climate change is already impacting the mental health of Americans compared to 41% of those 65 and older. Just over half (51%) of 18–34-year-olds are anxious about the impact of climate change on their own mental health comp

This Year, Only a Quarter of Americans Are Anxious About Political Debates at the Holiday Table; Overall More Are Concerned About Financing the Festivities

With the holiday season fully underway, about a third of Americans (29%) anticipate being more stressed out than last year. The main source of that stress, however, is not political debate at the dinner table. Among the options tested, Americans named affording holiday gifts (51%), finding and securing holiday gifts (40%), or affording holiday meals (39%) as the top three factors causing them anxiety this season.

What is Somatic Symptom Disorder?

Somatic symptom disorder is diagnosed when a person has a significant focus on physical symptoms, such as pain, weakness or shortness of breath, to a level that results in major distress and/or problems functioning.

Remaining Calm in Volatile Times

  • President Blog

Last month, faced with an unprecedented amount of social unrest in the lead-up to this year’s election, APA issued a statement calling for calm. As we continue to hear about the threats on individual lives and see the violence in the lead up to the January presidential inauguration, I reiterate that call.

Study Finds Long-Term Mental Health Benefits of Gender-Affirming Surgery for Transgender Individuals

The American Journal of Psychiatry has published an erratum notice after conducting a statistical analysis that was prompted by letters questioning the methodology of “Reduction in Mental Health Treatment Utilization Among Transgender Individuals After Gender-Affirming Surgeries: A Total Population Study.” The erratum explains why the study’s conclusion “that the longitudinal association between gender-affirming surgery and lower use of mental health treatment lends support to the decision to pr

“Weight of Gold” – Raising Awareness of Mental Health in Elite Athletes

  • Depression

“Weight of Gold,” a new documentary narrated by Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, addresses mental health concerns of Olympic athletes. The documentary, which aired on HBO Max in early August, discusses some of the thoughts going through the minds of athletes from a young age, thoughts about what it takes to reach the top of their sport, the pressure and exhilaration of reaching the Olympics, and what happens afterward.

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