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Frequently Asked Questions

View frequently asked questions about APA/APAF Fellowships.

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Yes, but you may only be awarded one fellowship.

No. Participation in more than one APA/APAF Fellowship simultaneously is not permitted.

Applications must be submitted as FINAL by the deadline in order to be received and reviewed by the Selection Committee. Applications left in DRAFT status will not be considered.

No. Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed by the fellowship selection committee.

All the applicants will be notified via email in May.

You do not need to be an APA member to submit your application. However, if awarded a Foundation-funded fellowship, you must become an APA member before the time of matriculation in order to participate in the program. SAMHSA Fellows are not required to be APA members.

Your current training director should write the recommendation letter.

No. The online application form will not accept more documents than the recommended list.

Training Directors submit the recommendations directly to the online submission site.

No, reference letters must be written in English.

No, all application components must be received by the application deadline. Applicants are encourage to review all components early to ensure they are able to be completed in time.

No, reference letters must come from psychiatrist.

No. Applications must be submitted online with all components included.

No. Applicants must be attending an accredited U.S. or Canadian psychiatry residency program.

IMGs are certainly eligible to apply as long as they are attending an accredited U.S. or Canadian psychiatry residency program. The only fellowships that have the requirement that applicants be either U.S. Citizens or permanent residents are the SAMHSA and the Spurlock Fellowship.

No. Applicants must be attending a psychiatry residency program.

Fellows must be in residency training for the full duration of the fellowship. Applicants in PGY3 and PGY4 are eligible to apply if they intend to pursue an additional fellowship post-residency that will coincide with the two years of the APA/APAF Fellowship.

The APA/APAF Fellowships are professional development and leadership opportunities designed to work in conjunction with your residency training. The APA/APAF Fellowships are not substitutes for your residency training programs.

APA Foundation-funded fellowships will cover domestic and Canadian travel to and from APA-sponsored events a Fellow is authorized to attend.

Not all Fellowships have a stipend. Please see the individual Fellowship pages for information on stipends.

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