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Mentorship Program for APA/APAF Fellows

APAF Fellowships: Mentoring from APA Foundation on Vimeo.

The APA Mentorship Program aims to help APA/APAF Fellows in their transition from Resident-Fellow to early career psychiatrist members in the APA.

The Program pairs Fellows with a different mentor each year of their Fellowship to provide guidance and counsel as Fellows transition to practice, navigate their careers and become leaders in psychiatry.

First-Year Fellows are paired with recent APAF Fellowship Alumni. This relationship is meant to help Fellows learn how to make the most of the opportunities the APA/APAF has for Residents.

Second-Year Fellows are paired with an established APA Member. This relationship is meant to help Fellows navigate the transition from Resident-Fellow Member to Early Career Psychiatrist.

Fellows are matched based on mutual professional interests, personal preferences and geographical location consideration to make the mentorship relationship as fruitful as possible.

Through the Mentorship Program, Fellows will gain:

  • One-on-one guidance from an APA leader and APAF Fellowship Alum
  • Personal guidance with transitioning from RFM to ECP status
  • Opportunities to expand professional networks
  • Introduction to local APA chapters and national leadership
  • A long-lasting professional relationship within APA
  • Invaluable skills that can be transportable to other aspects of a mentee’s career
  • Guidance to develop a successful scientific submission to APA conferences
  • Access to special educational opportunities

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