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SET for Success

SET, the Supplemental Education and Training program, is an online experience designed to help residents build knowledge around the milestones to meet the requirements of the six ACGME core competencies and learn about the business of medicine.

Psychiatry Review and Exam Prep

APA has developed exam review materials in a variety of formats. Review your knowledge and expand clinical expertise with a collection of board exam preparation resources.


MindGames, APA's national residency team competition, is a fun way for residents to test their knowledge on patient care, medical knowledge, and psychiatric history while earning bragging rights for their program.

100% Club for Residency Training Programs

The APA 100% Club was established to encourage residents throughout the United States and Canada to join the APA with fellow trainees in their programs.


View information about APA/APAF Fellowships, including how to apply, application requirements, deadlines, and program benefits.

Residency Training Program Vacancies

APA's free service to residents, students and residency programs. The Clearinghouse allows those seeking residency/fellowship positions to see what is available.

Coping With Patient Suicide

This information is intended to provide you with support, to help you learn from the experience of patient suicide, and to grow as a psychiatrist and as a person.

Leadership Opportunities

Learn about the nationally elected leadership positions for APA resident-fellow members.

AJP: Residents' Journal Editorial Board Positions

Learn more about The American Journal of Psychiatry — Residents’ Journal and how to apply to join the Editorial Board.

Featured Publications

View featured publications available APA Resident-Fellow Members, including A Resident’s Guide to Surviving Psychiatric Training, 3rd Edition, Building a Career in Psychiatry, Resident-Fellow Member Handbook.

Navigating Psychiatry Residency in the United States: A Guide for International Medical Graduate Physicians

This guide provides useful information and guidelines for IMG physicians/psychiatrists in navigating and transitioning to the U.S. medical system.

Applying for Psychiatry Residency

View a guide to applying for psychiatric residency, including application materials, interview questions and how to choose a program.

APA Resident-Fellow Census

View the APA Resident-Fellow Census, a yearly demographic picture of psychiatry residents—the future of psychiatry.

Ethics Resources for Trainees and Early Career Psychiatrists


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