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AMNet Collaborative Newsletter June 2022

Hello AMNet Community, We are happy to bring you the second AMNet Collaborative newsletter with exciting updates on our portal and clinician resources.

New Digital Portals

We have heard your feedback and are pleased to inform you that we now have two user-friendly options to replace the original PsychPRO portal.

The TryCycle app and bhworks web-based portal described below are ready for you to use to collect patient-reported outcome measures. You can use these measures to track patient outcomes and response to treatment. Data obtained from these portals can be used for quality improvement efforts and for accreditation.

TryCycle (App-based)

TryCycle is available for both iPhone and Android. TryCycle offers the Brief Addiction Monitor, the Patient Health Questionnaire 2+1, the craving scale, and the General Anxiety Disorder-7. It also includes other self-reported assessments and a patient journaling option. Because patients can use TryCycle whenever they want, you can use it to facilitate early outreach, case management, and measurement-based care. It is easy for you and your patients to use. For example, patients can complete assessments directly on their phones, and you can create a schedule for repeating assessments. Below are some key resources to get started with TryCycle. More resources can be accessed on the AMNet Resources page.

Write to us at [email protected] to receive more information.

bhworks (web-based)

bhworks currently has the Brief Addiction Monitor, Tobacco Alcohol Prescription medications and other Substance Tool, and the Patient Health Questionnaire-9. The rest of the AMNet measures are being programmed into bhworks in the coming weeks. Through bhworks, you can assign a wide array of other psychiatric measures. It is relatively easy to use for you and your patients and has an intuitive interface. bhworks permits providers to assign measures in advance via email or ask patients to complete the measures in the office. As with Trycycle, bhworks can be used for measurement-based care and quality improvement efforts. Below are some essential resources for more information on the platform.

Write to us at [email protected] to receive more information on how to get started with bhworks. We offer comprehensive training and resources for providers and practices to implement the portal.

How to Choose a Platform

When comparing the platforms, both are very easy for patients to use. Your choice between the two will depend on your preferred workflow.

We have prepared a comparison table to help you with your decision:

Feature TryCycle BHWorks
Patient Login The patient needs to download the App and keep a username and password. The patient does not need to create a login or download an App to access assessments.
Assigning PROMs* The clinician can assign PROMs once and set a recurring reminder for the patient and does not need to reassign unless changes are needed. The clinician needs to assign the PROMs that they would like the patient to complete each time they see the patient.
Patient Access The patient can log in at any time to journal or complete assessments on their mobile device. The patient can also log in to complete the measures in the office on their phone or a tablet computer. The patient can only access the assessments via the email link sent to the patient from the clinician. The clinician can also have the patient complete the assessment in the office on their device or tablet with a scannable QR code that appears on the clinician dashboard.
Available Proms Brief Addiction Monitor, Patient Health Questionnaire-2+1, General Anxiety Disorder-7, and Treatment Effectiveness Assessment (coming soon). Brief Addiction Monitor, Tobacco Alcohol Prescription medications and other Substance Tool, Patient Health Questionnaire-9, and other psychiatric assessments. The remaining AMNet measures are being programmed.
Support Several resources and video tutorials are available. TryCycle provides coaching to assist clinicians with implementation and patient engagement. Several resources and video tutorials are available.

* Patient-reported Outcome Measures

New Education Resources

There are two excellent new webinars about the AMNet website:

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