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AMNet Collaborative Newsletter July 2023

Hello AMNet Community,

We are happy to bring you the third edition of the AMNet Collaborative newsletter with exciting updates on our portal and clinician resources.

New Platform Updates


TetherAll now includes the Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription Medication, and Other Substance Use (TAPS) Tool and PhenX Cigarette Smoking Status assessment.. The Taps Tool is a brief assessment with two components, the TAPS-1 and TAPS-2, which are combined within TetherAll for the convenience of AMNet users. The TAPS-1 consists of a 4-item screen for alcohol, tobacco, drug, and prescription medication use over the past 12 months. The TAPS-2 consists of 3 or 4 items per substance class assessing use over the past three months. The PhenX Cigarette Smoking Status assessment is a brief assessment that measures lifetime and current cigarette consumption.

A quick reference guide is available on the AMNet Resources page or with the links below.


Clinicians have asked for a way to more quickly assign regularly used tasks to patients. As a result, the developers have created a single task that includes and launches the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and Brief Addiction Monitor (BAM). We encourage you all to please test and give us your feedback. The developers would like to hear from you on how they can help you.

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