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Welcome to the APA Well-being Self-Assessment 2.0. We're glad you're visiting.

This survey is designed for all psychiatrists and includes questions about your background and identifications, as well as the climate of your workplace. We hope to learn more about well-being and burnout among psychiatrists in general and among minority and underrepresented psychiatrists, specifically.

We know a lot about burnout, but we don't know much about the rates or causes of burnout in minority and underrepresented psychiatrists. If you belong to one or more minority or underrepresented groups—for example, if you are a woman, belong to a racial or ethnic minority, are an international medical graduate, identify as LGBTQ+ or belong to another group—your voice may not have been heard in this national conversation.

Understanding more about these rates and causes and developing potential strategies to address them are important for the field of psychiatry, and for each of us in it.

Our preliminary discussions with APA stakeholders, including many minority and underrepresented psychiatrist leaders, have guided the creation of this survey.

The data you provide will be anonymous and will be aggregated to assist APA in creating a strategic plan to address these issues. The APA Institutional Review Board approved this study and provided a waiver of both written and verbal consent.

This portal includes an assessment tool and links to APA resources on well-being and burnout. If you conclude that you are dealing with burnout and/or depression, you are not alone, and there are things you can do to enhance your well-being.

We look forward to working together as a community to enhance our well-being and professional satisfaction.

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