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Welcome to the APA well-being self-assessment tool. We're glad you're visiting.

The buzzword these days is "burnout." It is not a DSM-5 category, nor a treatable illness, but it is reflective of the challenges and frustrations of the times. The APA is increasingly aware of how weary some of us are becoming and has asked experts working in wellness to create this resource for you.

The portal includes an assessment tool and resource listing to help you adapt and thrive in the current environment and think about what kinds of changes — in workplace culture and structure, or individual lifestyle — might be helpful for you.

Although psychiatrists appear to be less affected by burnout than physicians from other specialties, many psychiatrists do seem to be struggling with burnout and/or depression. If you conclude you are dealing with these problems, you are not alone and there are many things you can do to enhance your wellness.

The data you provide will be anonymous and will be aggregated to assist APA in creating a strategic plan to address these issues.

We hope this is helpful and the APA Workgroup on Psychiatrist Well-being and Burnout looks forward to our all working together as a community to enhance our well-being and professional satisfaction.