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Attend Fellow Poster Sessions

Alongside the Fellow Sessions, Fellows will have posters presented each day of the conference from Noon to 4:00 PM CDT in Room Hall G. The program for the poster sessions will be announced two weeks before the Annual Meeting. Below is a list of posters by their primary topic:

Academic Psychiatry

  • Initiating, Developing, and Assessing the Effectiveness of an LGBTQ Mental Health Curriculum in a Psychiatry Residency Program
    • Presenter: Huma Baqir, M.B.B.S., M.D.
  • Evaluation of a Community-Based, High School Pipeline Program in Psychiatry for Minority Students
    • Presenter: Ellen Kim, M.D.
  • The Longitudinal Clinical Experience in a Psychiatry Residency Training Program: Updated Qualitative Perspectives
    • Presenter: Kathryn Kinasz, M.D.

Addiction Psychiatry

  • Variations in Methadone Take-Home Dose Prescribing by Race During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Presenter: Presenter: William Coe, M.D., M.P.H.

Bipolar and Related Disorders

  • Using Social Rhythm Therapy to Reduce Emotional, Mood and Anxiety Symptoms and Suicide Risk in Adolescents and Young Adults With Bipolar Disorder
    • Presenter: Jihoon Kim, M.D., M.Sc.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

  • Lessons Learned From a Retrospective Study on an Adolescent Med-Psych Inpatient Unit
    • Presenter: Christa Belgrave, M.D., M.P.H.
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Implementation Considerations for Family-Based Telehealth Interventions for Families Impacted by the Child Welfare System
    • Presenter: Hannah Leo, M.D.

Community Psychiatry

  • The Christian Mental Health Initiative: Increasing Mental Health Literacy Among Black Church Leaders
    • Presenter: Atasha Jordan, M.D., M.B.A.

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

  • When Being Antagonistic Is a Good Thing: Using Memantine as Salvage Therapy for Catatonia From NMDA-Receptor Encephalitis
    • Presenter: Samir Abu-Hamad, M.D., M.S.
  • Phenibut Withdrawal Successfully Treated With Baclofen
    • Presenter: Ashley VanHaverbeck, D.O.

Depressive Disorders

  • High Incidence of Depression and Anxiety Following Antibiotic Spacers for Periprosthetic Joint Infection After Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
    • Presenter: Simone Bernstein, M.D.


  • Pre-Work Out Induced Psychosis: Tik Tok Trend During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Presenter: Amy Gallop, M.D.

Diversity and Health Equity

  • Combating Anti-Black Racism in Real Time: An Anti-Racist Curriculum Enhanced by Patient Simulation
    • Presenter: Amanda Calhoun, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Sociodemographic and Structural Factors Predicting Chemical and Physical Restraint Use in Agitated Patients in the Adult ED
    • Presenter: Stephanie Eng, M.D.
  • Development of a Culturally Sensitive Asian American/Pacific Islander Curriculum for Child Psychiatry Trainees
    • Presenter: Crystal Han, M.D.
  • Examining the Impact of an Anti-Racist and Structural Discrimination Curriculum in a Rural Psychiatry Residency Program
    • Presenter: Thara Nagarajan, M.D.

Gender and Sexuality

  • Mental Health Outcomes in Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Youth Receiving Gender-Affirming Care
    • Presenter: Jonathon Wanta, M.D.

Global, Political, and Social Issues

  • Asylum Medicine and Secondary Traumatic Stress
    • Presenter: Rahul Vasireddy, M.D.

Integrated and Collaborative Care

  • Behavioral Health Integration in Subspecialty Pediatrics: A Needs Assessment of Models of Care
    • Presenter: Sophia Walker, M.D.

Neuroscience and Genetics

  • Depression Induced Cognitive Dysfunction and Changes in the Hippocampus
    • Presenter: Diego Garces Grosse, M.D.

Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders

  • What Does Immunology Have to Do With Normal Brain Development and the Pathophysiology Underlying Tourette Syndrome, OCD, and ADHD?
    • Presenter: Isaac Johnson, M.D.

Quality and Outcome Studies

  • Buprenorphine Prescription Patterns in a County Correctional Facility: Patient Population and Post-Release Outcomes
    • Presenter: Zachary Lenane, M.D., M.P.H.

Somatic Treatments (ECT, rTMS, DBS, etc.)

  • The Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy for Mania in a Patient With Wolframs Syndrome: A Case Report and Literature Review.
    • Presenter: Muniza Majoka, M.D., M.P.H.

Suicide and Risk Evaluation

  • The Correlation Between Current Marijuana Use and Suicide Attempts in U.S. High School Students Over Three Decades of the CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey
    • Presenter: Amy Gallop, M.D.

Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)

  • To Help Children Fight a Monster, You Need to Speak Their Language: Creating a Children’s Animated Ebook in Spanish Addressing PTSD
    • Presenter: Brenda Cartujano Barrera, M.D.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychotic Disorders—a Systematic Review of Literature
    • Presenter: Lucy Lan, M.D.
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