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Members Course of the Month

Each month, APA members have free access to an on-demand CME course on a popular topic.*

June Course of the Month

“No One Leaves Home Unless Home Is the Mouth of a Shark": Collaborating to Advance the Emotional Health of LGBTQ Individuals in Crisis Zones

This course will describe some of the specific challenges and mental health consequences faced by LGBTQ refugees from around the globe, including examples, and underline the profound mental health needs of this population. The course will present ways in which psychiatrists can engage in assisting these most vulnerable individuals wherever they are in the world by working remotely to provide assessment, treatment, training, and supervision. The UN document known as the Istanbul Protocol-22 with its new LGBTIQ section will also be introduced, as well as how to access remote training. The speakers will also share the challenges and successes of starting an online program aimed at providing emotional support and psychoeducation to LGBTQ refugees.

June Bonus Course for All Members

Existentialism and Climate Change: The Next Frontier in Mental Health

The mental health consequences of events linked to a changing global climate are myriad and can be devastating. This course is designed to discuss climate change as a fundamentally existential issue and to explore the mental health impact it will have on the world and particularly vulnerable populations. Questions that will help explain the relationship between existentialism, climate change and what mental health needs to look like as a result include: how therapists help clients who are victims of natural disasters, what the mental field be doing to advocate for preventive measures to mitigate the overwhelming impacts of client change, and more.

Past Members Course of the Month

*Each Members Course of the Month will be available free to members for the duration of the applicable month. The course will continue to be available for a fee after the month expires.

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