The William W. “Bill” Richards Rural Psychiatry Award

The William W. “Bill” Richards Rural Psychiatry Award recognizes individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the treatment of patients and the practice of psychiatry in rural and/or remote geographic areas.

APA Component(s)

Area Councils (7)

Number of awards given

Seven (one from each APA Area)




  • APA member who:
    • Practices in a rural and underserved location but doesn’t necessarily live in a small, rural area
    • Contributes to his/her local medical community and other local agencies
  • Consideration is given to the length of practice, reputation in the community, and clinical excellence

Nomination Requirements

  • Letter of recommendation from a psychiatrist directly familiar with the nominee’s practice, the rigors of his or her work, and how he or she has dealt with the obstacles that rural practice can entail
  • The letter should be endorsed by the local District Branch


Discretion of Area Councils

Award Notification

Discretion of Area Councils

Award Presentation

Certificate mailed to the Area Representatives for presentation at an Area meeting

Submission Information and Staff Contact

Jessica Hopey
(202) 559-3963


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