Psychiatric Services Achievement Awards

Since 1949, the Psychiatric Services Achievement Awards have recognized creative models of service delivery and innovative programs for persons with mental illness or disabilities. Each year, APA bestows up to three awards.

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Number of awards given each year

Up to three


  • $3,500 for gold, $2,000 for silver, $1,000 for bronze
  • Plaque
  • Award workshop
  • Coverage in Psychiatric News


  • Programs based in a U.S. or Canadian school, clinic, hospital, or community
  • Programs that have made a significant contribution to the mental health field and provide an innovative model for others
    • can provide unique human resource development, prevention, or administrative models that improve clinical care

Nomination Requirements

  • Verification of all eligibility requirements
  • Verification of program's effectiveness and focus on quality improvement through use of quality assurance measures, quality improvement methods, UR, outcome measures, etc
  • Documentation of program's staffing and the role of each staff member, including of the psychiatrist
  • Documentation of involvement of individuals and families affected by mental illness, including those with lived experience, as well as outside communitystakeholders
  • List of funding sources during the last fiscal year and amounts of funding


July 31, 2021

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Award Notification


Award Presentation

Presentation and award workshop during the 2022 Annual Meeting.

Staff Contact

Agathe Farrage
(202) 609-7230


APA Awards

Each year APA honors individuals for career recognition, lifetime service, outstanding research, and other categories that improve the lives of people with mental illness.

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