Nasrallah Family Award for Advances in Psychiatric Neuroscience

This award, established in 2020 and endowed by the Nasrallah family, recognizes distinguished contributions to Psychiatric Neuroscience that have had a major impact on the field and/or altered the practice of psychiatry.


  • $5,000 ($3000 as honorarium and $2000 for travel expenses)
  • Plaque
  • Award lecture


U.S. or Canadian Citizen

Nomination Requirements

  • Nomination by APA member not on the Award Committee
  • Letter of recommendation summarizing nominee's research accomplishments in psychiatric neuroscience
  • Summary statement emphasizing work's principal theme and its scientific implications
  • Nominee's CV, including bibliography


September 30

Award Notification


Award Presentation

Presented at an award lecture at APA's Annual Meeting

Contact Information

Laura Thompson, M.S.


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