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  • November 28, 2023

Este año, solo un cuarto de los estadounidenses están preocupados por los debates políticos en la mesa navideña; en general, son más los que se preocupan por la financiación de las fiestas

Con las fiestas navideñas a pleno rendimiento, alrededor de un tercio de los estadounidenses (29%) prevé estar más estresado que el año pasado. La principal fuente de estrés, sin embargo, no es el debate político en la mesa. Entre las opciones analizadas, los estadounidenses mencionaron el coste de los regalos navideños (51%), la búsqueda y obtención de regalos navideños (40%) o el coste de las comidas navideñas (39%) como los tres principales factores que les causan ansiedad esta temporada.

  • November 28, 2023

This Year, Only a Quarter of Americans Are Anxious About Political Debates at the Holiday Table; Overall More Are Concerned About Financing the Festivities

With the holiday season fully underway, about a third of Americans (29%) anticipate being more stressed out than last year. The main source of that stress, however, is not political debate at the dinner table. Among the options tested, Americans named affording holiday gifts (51%), finding and securing holiday gifts (40%), or affording holiday meals (39%) as the top three factors causing them anxiety this season.

  • November 20, 2023

APA Statement on the Passing of Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) today pauses to remember the life of Former First Lady Roslynn Carter. Few, if any, other Americans have been able to accomplish what she did for the cause of mental health. Mrs. Carter worked relentlessly to help the millions of people in this country who have mental illness or substance use disorders. She used her bully pulpit to bring the conversation about mental health out from the darkness and to advocate for a more comprehensive system of care.

  • November 08, 2023

New Poll: Small Acts of Kindness Make Most Americans Feel Better

As the holiday season approaches, most Americans say that small acts of kindness make them feel better, and that is true for both giving and receiving those acts. And acts of kindness were happening: in the past three months, 93% of Americans reported having done something kind, including 69% who had said hello to a stranger, 68% who reported holding a door open for someone, and 65% who had given someone a compliment. Among other options surveyed:

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