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Javits Award for Public Service

The Javits Award for Public Service acknowledges a public servant who has made a significant contribution to the mental health community, such as ensuring access to quality services for individuals with mental illness. It also showcases the work of honorees on behalf of consumers, the field of mental health, and the medical profession. This is the highest award APA confers on a public servant.


Council on Advocacy and Government Relations

Program Benefits


Criteria / Eligibility

Public servant (alternating between state and federal)

Nomination / Application Details

  • Only APA members may nominate the public servant
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Supplemental documents (optional)

Submission Form (.pdf)


August 27




Naomi Watson
[email protected]

Award Presentation

For federal recipients, presented during APA's Advocacy Leadership Conference. For state recipients, the District Branch executive in the recipient's jurisdiction will determine when and where to present the award.

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