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Resource Document on Telepsychiatry and Related Technologies in Clinical Psychiatry

Approved by the Joint Reference Committee January 2014

  • 2014

The goal of this resource document is to address the major areas of the use of the internet in communication with patients and the public in the practice of psychiatry. The rate of change of technological capabilities and their implementation is so rapid that the workgroup believes that it would be inappropriate to promulgate fixed rules for constantly changing situations. Rather, we seek to provide some questions to be considered when implementing any new communication technology with patients or the public. This document seeks to address professional use of the internet and does not discuss issues related to psychiatrists’ use of social media and social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. In order to assist the practitioner, references to resource materials will be given. However, the reference is not an endorsement by either the APA or the members of the work group of the material contained therein.

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