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Updates to DSM-5-TR Criteria and Text

Use below to view approved changes to DSM-5-TR criteria and text. Changes will be posted as they are approved.

ICD-10-CM Codes

April 4, 2022 Update

In print DSM-5-TR, a coding discrepancy appears in DSM-5-TR (p. xlvii) and Desk Reference to DSM-5-TR (p. xxx) in the DSM-5-TR Classification of opioid-induced anxiety disorder. Correction to this discrepancy is shown below. ICD-10-CM codes are correctly listed in all other places where this disorder appears in the manual.

Disorder DSM-5-TR Code Correct Code
Opioid-Induced Anxiety Disorder, with mild use disorder F11.180 F11.188
Opioid-Induced Anxiety Disorder, with moderate or severe use disorder F11.280 F11.288
Opioid-Induced Anxiety Disorder, without use disorder F11.980 F11.988

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