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April Issues of American Psychiatric Association Journals Cover Genetic Underpinnings of Common Disorders, a Digital Intervention for Depression and Anxiety in Youth, and More

  • April 03, 2023

Washington, D.C. — The latest issues of three of the American Psychiatric Association’s journals, The American Journal of Psychiatry, Psychiatric Services, and The American Journal of Psychotherapy, are now available online.

The April issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry features genetic, neuroimaging, and behavioral neuroscience studies that focus on the underpinnings of mood disorders, psychotic disorders, autism, and stress-related disorders. Highlights from the issue:

  • Lower Availability of Mitochondrial Complex I in Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Autism: A Positron Emission Tomography Study.
  • Anterior Insula–Associated Social Novelty Recognition: Pivotal Roles of a Local Retinoic Acid Cascade and Oxytocin Signaling.
  • Polygenic Scores and Onset of Major Mood or Psychotic Disorders Among Offspring of Affected Parents.
  • Genetic Associations Between Stress-Related Disorders and Autoimmune Disease.

The April issue of Psychiatric Services features

  • Automated Detection of Cognitive Distortions in Text Exchanges Between Clinicians and People with Serious Mental Illness.
  • Taking an Evidence-Based Approach to Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization.
  • A Digital Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Depression and Anxiety Among Adolescents and Young Adults.
  • Smoking Cessation Medication Prescribing for Smokers with and Without Mental Illness.
  • Guidelines to Establish an Equitable Mobile Health Ecosystem.
  • Racial-Ethnic Differences in Treatment Initiation for New Diagnoses of Perinatal Depression.

Also online now is the latest issue of The American Journal of Psychotherapy, a special issue to honor the work of Otto F. Kernberg, M.D., a world-renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. The issue features the following:

  • Nature and Assessment of Personality Pathology and Diagnosis.
  • An Integrated Developmental Approach to Personality Disorders in Adolescence: Expanding Kernberg’s Object Relations Theory.
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder Studied the Long Way: Predicting Change in Narcissistic Pathology During College.
  • Object Relations Theory Model of Personality Disorders.
  • Empirical Developments in Transference-Focused Psychotherapy.

Journalists who wish to access the publications should email [email protected].

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