Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders Fellowships and Awards

Columbia University Medical Center Fellowship in Schizophrenia Research

This fellowship focuses on research strategies, basic and clinical, related to schizophrenia. Supervised research, training in statistics and research methodology, and didactic seminars on schizophrenia comprise the 2-to-4-year program, which is supported by a National Institute of Mental Health grant. There are 6 positions in the fellowship. Two to 3 new fellows enter each year. Learn More

UCLA Cousins Center Post-Graduate Fellowships in Psychiatry and the Neurosciences

Clinical and research fellowships are offered. Subject areas include: Child mental health intervention research; dementia and behavioral neuroscience research; degenerative diseases; drug abuse research; substance abuse fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry; fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry; HIV-AIDS fellowship; neuroendocrinology of reproduction; neuroengineering training program; postdoctoral training program in neurobehavioral genetics; postdoctoral fellowships in psychosis; training program in cellular neurobiology; training program in neural repair; and training program in neuroimaging. Learn More

University of Massachusetts Medical School Psychopharmacology Fellowship

The Psychopharmacology Program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (40 miles west of Boston) offers a full-time, 1-year PGY-5 fellowship position in Psychopharmacology beginning July 1. Fellows will participate in clinical research in affective and psychotic disorders, have a project of their own under the supervision of Drs. Anthony Rothschild and Kristina Deligiannidis, and will also participate in ongoing psychopharmacology research projects in the Department of Psychiatry. Fellows will have protected research time, opportunities to travel, present at meetings, and be trained in psychopharmacologic evaluation, treatment, and consultation in inpatient and outpatient settings. Candidates must have completed an approved residency in Psychiatry. Learn More


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