Diversity and Health Equity

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Diversity Resources

A variety of resources on mental health diversity including videos, reports, curriculum, and fact sheets.

Division of Diversity and Health Equity Meetings *

(formerly called OMNA on Tour)

A series of meetings organized by the Division of Diversity and Health Equity to engage communities to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in mental health care. Read about past events, as well as upcoming events and instructions on how to register.

Diversity Fellowships and Awards

Information on may different fellowship programs including Minority Fellowships and information and applications for a dozen different psychiatry awards including awards for work in child and adolescent psychiatry and for work with a specific ethnic/racial populations.

Diversity Components and Caucuses

APA Components are committees and councils of experts on specific topic areas appointed by APA President-elect. They include the Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities and Minority and Underrepresented Group Caucuses.

* THE DIVISION OF DIVERSITY AND HEALTH EQUITY (formerly Office of Minority and National Affairs, OMNA) works to promote diversity in psychiatry, cultural competence, and elimination of mental health disparities.

For more information, contact us at diversityatapa@psych.org