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Recognizing Warning Signs of Mental Illness

Serious mental illnesses rarely occur suddenly. Being informed about developing symptoms, or early warning signs, can lead to intervention that can help reduce the severity of an illness. It may even be possible to delay or prevent a major mental illness altogether.  Learn more>


Depression and Hope

Depression and Hope

Cynthia talks about living with depression. This is one in a series of videos with real stories of women with mental illnesses as part of the American Psychiatric Association's Healthy Minds. Healthy Lives. program.  Learn more >


Two recent Healthy Minds Blogs address the issues of depression and suicide. Go to HEALTHY MINDS BLOG.


Spotlight On...

The American Psychiatric Foundation's
Typical or TroubledTM program helps teachers and others to identify and help troubled youth. An estimated 90% of people who develop a mental disorder show warning signs in their teens.  Learn more >