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AIDS Awareness Month

December is AIDS Awareness Month. More than a million Americans are living with HIV/AIDS and 1 in 7 is unaware of it. Mental and neurological disorders have complex, yet often overlooked, interrelationships with HIV and AIDS.
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Healthy Minds Minute PSA

Healthy Minds Minute PSA

Former congressman Patric Kennedy talks about mental health. 

American Indians and Alaska Natives

Rates of suicide among youth and young adult American Indians and Alaska Natives are much higher than most other population groups. Psychiatrists Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD and  Brad Zehring, DO, discuss the troubling trends and the need for increased cultural awareness and collaboration moving forward in the latest HEALTHY MINDS BLOG.


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The American Psychiatric Foundation's
Typical or TroubledTM program helps teachers and others to identify and help troubled youth. An estimated 90% of people who develop a mental disorder show warning signs in their teens.  Learn more >