Mental Health


Intellectual Disability

Approximately 1 percent of the population has an intellectual disability (below average cognitive ability).  Early intervention and appropriate education and supports can help individuals lead productive and satisfying lives in the community. 
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Healthy Minds Minute PSA

Healthy Minds Minute PSA

Former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy discusses the importance of mental health care for all Americans.

Heart Health and Mental Health

Clinical depression has repeatedly been linked with accelerating the onset of heart attacks and strokes  Dr. Erik Vanderlip suggests we should talk with our doctors about mood and emotion right along with blood pressure and aspirin. See the latest HEALTHY MINDS BLOG.

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The American Psychiatric Foundation's
Typical or TroubledTM program helps teachers and others to identify and help troubled youth. An estimated 90% of people who develop a mental disorder show warning signs in their teens.  Learn more >