APA Mentorship Program: Honoring Mentors

Mentorship is one of the common gold strings that threads all eight APA/APAF Fellowships together. In 2017, APA’s Division of Diversity and Health Equity launched the APA Mentorship Program for 2nd year Fellows. The program aims to mentor Fellows in their transition from leaders as Resident-Fellow Members to leaders as Early Career Psychiatrists.

Below are testimonials from Fellows honoring their mentors:


I would like to thank my mentor Dr. Michelle Durham, who helped me choose an academic path without compromising my work–life balance. She advised me on obtaining further professional training after my fellowship. She provided valuable suggestions on how to become a leader in the field. She fostered a warm and welcoming environment that enabled me to share my career goals with her. She boosted my self–confidence by treating me with respect and care and acknowledged my strengths and helped me identify some areas to improve."

Mohammad Zeshan, M.D.
2017–2019 APA/APAF Diversity Leadership Fellow


I'm very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the mentorship program with Dr. Eric Yarbrough. He was thoughtful, considerate, and mindful of my anxiety surrounding navigating academia and jobs as an imminent early–career psychiatrist. We had the opportunity to work on a CME course together, which was an invaluable learning experience for me."

Jacques Ambrose, M.D.
2017–2019 APA/APAF Leadership Fellow


I am excited to have an opportunity to work with my mentor Dr. Drew Ramsey this year. He has been tremendously helpful, and although quite busy, makes time to speak with me by phone or email. He has provided invaluable advice and counsel, with honest criticism when needed and also warm encouragement at just the right time. I am grateful for his mentorship, and I hope that we can continue as colleagues and friends devoted to a common cause in the years to come. Thanks to Dr. Ramsey and the APA for making this possible."

Gregory Scott Brown, M.D.
2017–2019 APA MFP SAMHSA Fellow


I have had the pleasure of working with Elie Aoun, M.D. as my mentor. Elie and I happen to be two of the few within our field who share a passion for a career combining addiction and forensic psychiatry. Elie has been very helpful in suggesting various ways to advance my professional career. He has invited me to co–author a textbook chapter, encouraged me to write an article for the Psychiatric News, pointed out various committees for me to be involved in, generously shared his experience and helped me network."

Jungjin Kim, M.D.
2017–2019 APA/APAF Diversity Leadership Fellow

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