2018 APA/APAF Fellowship Chair Updates

Each year, APA/APAF Fellowships elect Chairs and Vice Chairs for their respective programs to represent and lead their group throughout their projects and time with the APA. The Jeanne Spurlock Congressional Fellowship awards one fellow per year introducing fellows to the structure of federal and congressional health policy focused on mental health issues. This year, the APA/APAF Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Chair position rotates every two months, giving the fellows an equal opportunity in this leadership role.

Read our 2018 Chairs' and fellowship recipient's updates on their activities, experiences and accomplishments from the first half of their program.


The Minority Fellowship Program has enriched my experiences in cross-cultural psychiatry, healthcare advocacy, leadership and clinical research. In addition, it fostered a supportive community for like-minded fellows to collaborate and pursue their passion in reducing healthcare disparities among underrepresented minority populations.

Emily Wu, M.D., 2018-2019, Minority Fellowship Program Chair


The fellowship is a fantastic way to prepare for a career in Public Psychiatry. It provides professional development for psychiatry residents who plan to obtain leadership roles within the public sector and awareness of the numerous career opportunities in this area.

Kevin Simon, M.D., 2018–2019, APA/APAF Public Psychiatry Fellowship Chair


I'm looking forward to learning about the legislative process and how tough compromises are made that lead to downstream disparities I have seen in the clinic. I'm hoping to then be in a better position to address disparities head-on as a psychiatrist.

Kali Cyrus, M.D., 2018–2019, APA/APAF Spurlock Congressional Fellow


Being an APA/APAF Fellow is an incredible opportunity to network and engage with colleagues from across the continent. The APA/APAF Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship is an enriching experience that guides its fellows towards a deeper exploration of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Richard Ly, M.D., 2018–2019, APA/APAF Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Chair


The Fellowship provides the foundational framework for each fellow to build upon and pursue his or her own individual passions, whether be it research, public health, policy advocacy, and/or health equity. For me, being in the APA/APAF Leadership Fellowship is being constantly inspired by 19 other amazing colleagues to dream, learn, do, and become so much more.

Adrian Jacques H. Ambrose, M.D., 2018–2019, APA/APAF Leadership Fellowship Chair