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2016 APA/APAF Fellowship Chair Updates

Each year, APA/APAF Fellowships elect Chairs and Vice Chairs for their respective programs to represent and lead their group throughout their projects and time with the APA.

Improving Care for Folks We'll Never Meet

On my way to Union Station after IPS: The Mental Health Services Conference, I sat next to a tiny elderly woman for five stops. Without warning, between stops two and three, she started shrugging to herself and chatting to nobody in particular, waving her palm-up hand in a sort of world-weary cocktail party type gesture.

Fostering Diversity at the Cultural Competence and Inclusive Excellence Summit

As an APA/SAMHSA second year fellow, I was invited to participate in the Cultural Competence and Inclusive Excellence Summit sponsored by APA, Ohio State, and General Motors which took place in June of this year. The summit provided a setting for individuals from various arenas — academia, industry, and government to learn, generate, and share ideas about fostering diversity.

APA Announces APA/APAF Fellows

APA and the APA Foundation have announced the names of the 54 psychiatry residents selected to participate in the APA/APAF Fellowships.

APA Fellows in the Assembly - ACORF Mentoring Program

Assembly Committee of Area Resident-Fellow Members Mentoring Program engaging APA Fellows in the Assembly

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