Fellowship Blog and Announcements

2020 APA/APAF Fellowship Chair Updates

Each year, APA/APAF Fellowships elect Chairs and Vice Chairs for their respective programs to represent and lead their group throughout their projects and time with the APA.

2020 All Fellows' Orientation Goes Virtual

The APA Foundation hosted 162 Fellows at the virtual event on September 24, 2020.

Honoring the 2020 Mentors

Mentorship is critical to achieving success in the professional development of psychiatry residents. APA's Mentorship Program guides APA/APAF Fellows through their transition from leaders as resident-fellow members to leaders as early-career psychiatrists. Hear what some of our current Fellows have to say about their experiences in the Mentorship Program.

Doctors Back to School Visit

During the 2019 IPS conference in New York, 8 APA/APAF Fellows and Alumni visited MS 142 school in the Bronx.

Public Psychiatry Fellows at IPS 2019

Public Psychiatry Fellows took part in a three-day mentorship series at the 2019 IPS conference in NYC.

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