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The 2019 APA/APAF Fellowship Application Cycle is Open!

The Division of Diversity and Health Equity (DDHE) is excited to announce that the 2019 APA/APAF Fellowship application cycle is now open!

Public Psychiatry Fellows Take on Chicago for 2018 IPS

As part of the APA/APAF Public Psychiatry Fellowship, Fellows attended the IPS meeting in Chicago last month.

The 2019 APA/APAF All Fellows' Orientation

On September 13, 2018, approximately 70 Fellows gathered in Arlington, VA to attend the fourth annual APA/APAF All Fellows' Orientation.

2018 APA/APAF Fellowship Chair Updates

Each year, APA/APAF Fellowships elect Chairs and Vice Chairs for their respective programs to represent and lead their group throughout their projects and time with the APA.

Navigating A Career in Academia Through Mentorship

As trainees, we are often informed of the value of good mentorship early on in our career, however it is often placed upon us to identify a mentor for ourselves.

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