Assembly Mentor Program

The Assembly Mentor Program (ASM) for APA/APAF Fellows (mentees) and Assembly Committee of Area Resident Fellow (ACORF) (mentors) Members was inspired by the 2015 Assembly Action Paper Providing APA and APA/SAMHSA Fellowship Awardees the Opportunity to Get Involved with the APA Assembly.

The program presents an opportunity to experience first-hand the inner workings of the Assembly and the APA's policy making process.

The formal mentorship allows Fellows to:

  • Witness the pathway for an idea to become APA Policy
  • Understand the Assembly's parliamentary procedure
  • Network with like-minded residents embedded within the APA Assembly

Fellows are selected to shadow ACORF members for one day at the APA Assembly Meeting during the Annual Meeting. Each fellow will be individually matched with one ACORF member based on geography, personal interests, and potential career course. To make the day as productive and beneficial as possible, fellows will be provided with background information to review prior to the meeting. Fellows will also speak with their assigned members (mentors) of ACORF prior to the meeting to answer any questions and set up additional phone/in-person meetings as necessary.


One-day APA Assembly Meeting (Occurs the day before APA's Annual Meeting starts)

Mentee Eligibility

APA/APAF Fellows

No. of Available Slots


Program Contact

Nadia Woods, MSW

Submission Deadline

  • Late January 2020

Program Notification

  • Early April 2020

Application Requirements

  • Completed demographic questionnaire
  • Personal statement (max. 250 words)
  • Brief biosketch (max. 500 words)

Applications are closed for 2019 program. Please check this webpage again in early 2020 for update.


  This was both an exciting and enlightening opportunity to participate in the policy-making machine that drives the national agenda for the profession of psychiatry."

Michael Hann, M.D., 2015-2017 APA/APAF Leadership Fellow

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2020 Spring Highlights
  • Virtual Meeting
  • Sat,  Apr  25 - Sun,  Apr  26
  • 2:31 PM - 2:31 PM
2021 Annual Meeting
  • Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Sat,  May  01 - Wed,  May  05
  • 10:15 AM - 10:15 AM