Help Psychiatry Develop Quality Measures for Effective Care

A federal government grant has given APA and psychiatrists the opportunity to develop & test quality measurements for behavioral health care and improve patient outcomes.

Quality Measures Initiative

APA is leading an effort to develop quality measures for effective mental health care.

A federal government grant from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has given APA and participating psychiatrists the opportunity to develop & test quality measurements for behavioral health care and improve patient outcomes. For detailed information about the Initiative, click here.

APA will develop measurements through the collection of data shared by participating psychiatrists’ use of the PsychPRO registry.

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Your Participation Makes a Difference


We are seeking clinicians from a range of practices, including those in solo practice, small and large group practices, health care systems, and academic institutions, who regularly see at least 50 adult patients.

Data collected for this initiative will focus on the following domains:

  • measurement-based care and patient-reported outcomes,
  • measures of appropriate use of services,
  • recovery and functional status, and
  • care experience.

Measures developed with this grant will help minimize the burden of data collection and eliminate redundancies and low-value quality measures from CMS' quality reporting programs.

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Patient Reported Outcome Measures in PsychPRO


DSM-5 Cross-cutting measure, PHQ-9, GAD-7, Audit-C, PROMIS – Pain, NIDA – Assist, WHODAS 2.0, Child/Adult ADHD, IQ Code.

PROMIS Toolkit, Falls, Cognitive measures, and many more


What You Receive for Participating


Participating psychiatrists receive complementary access to patient reported outcome tools for your practice.

This includes the interactive dashboard, PsychPRO, to drill down to patient-level information and perform data comparisons to assess quality improvement initiatives.

Other Benefits Include:
  • A $1,000 honorarium
  • A free tablet computer for patient use to complete online assessments
  • The ability to collect 2019 QPP quality data if you do not have an EHR
  • Registration fees covered by APA
  • Potential credit toward MOC Part IV Certification
  • CME Credit for Training Participation; and
  • Acknowledgement of support in journal & white paper publications.

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Your Dashboard Preview

By enrolling in APA's Quality Measures Initiative, participants will collect data shared through the complementary use of the PsychPRO, APA's Mental Health Registry. PsychPRO offers an interactive dashboard to track patient outcomes with clinician level data analysis to assess quality improvement measures.

Click each image below to view more dashboard views:


What Participants are Saying

Patients and providers want to know that the care administered yields positive health outcomes and is cost efficient for all stakeholders."

Jerry Halvorsen, M.D.

Behavioral health as a clinical specialty, across the different provider-types, has not reached consensus on what constitutes patient-centered clinical or functional outcomes. Measurement-based care enables clinicians to collect quantifiable data at intermittent and clinically appropriate time frames. This can be a major resource when caring for their patients."

Anna Ratzliff, M.D., Ph.D.

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