PsychPRO: APA's Mental Health Registry

Enroll in PsychPRO, a CMS-Qualified Clinical Data Registry for all behavioral mental health providers.

Quality Community

Build a community of quality care leaders by benchmark your care

Benchmarking is the ongoing process of measuring and improving practice against the highest performers. Benchmark within your organization or externally to stay in sync with patient needs and best practices.

Together we can impact population outcomes. The community together provides the benchmark for the highest quality care.

How Benchmarking Works

The benchmark gap allows you to see where you can improve your patient care and practice.

We will post more updates about community benchmarks as they are available.

Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) Measure Specifications

As a QCDR, PsychPRO can host “non-MIPS” measures approved by CMS for reporting. These measures are developed to be more relevant to psychiatry and other behavioral health specialty care.

Non-MIPS measures are intended therefore to help professionals achieve a better performance rate for regulatory or other quality reporting programs.

See below links for PsychPRO 2021 QCDR measure specifications:

Inquiries, please email PsychPRO@psych.org for more information.