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Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems

PsychPRO uses the FIGMD platform to integrate with and extract data from EHR systems. Once your EHR system has been integrated with the registry, we can seamlessly extract your practice's data with minimal ongoing effort on your part.

FIGMD has completed integration projects for PsychPRO with more than 50 EHR systems and is capable of working quickly with new systems. The list below provides integration status for EHR systems used by mental health practices:

EHR Status Type
ADP AdvancedMD Not Participating Cloud
ADP AdvancedMD EHR Not Participating Cloud
Allscripts Misys Integrated Server
Allscripts Professional API Solution Cloud
Amazing Charts Integrated Server
American Medical Software Not Participating Cloud
CareCloud Not Participating Cloud
CarePaths Not Participating Cloud
Cerner Integrated Both
Cerner – Power Chart Integrated Both
Compulink Integrated Both
Credible Behavioral Health Not Participating Cloud
CureMD Not Participating Both
Doctor First Not Participating Cloud
eClinicalworks (cloud) Interface not finalized Cloud
eClinicalWorks (server) Integrated Server
eMDs Integration with Fee Both
eMDs – Lytec MD Integration with Fee Both
eMDs – Plus Integration with Fee Both
eMDs – Practice Choice Integration with Fee Both
eMDs – Practice Partner Integration with Fee Both
Epic Systems Working on Data Transfer Solution Cloud
Essentia Integrated Cloud
GE Centricity Integrated Server
Greenway Intergy Integrated Server
Greeway Primesuite Integrated Server
iCANotes Not Participating Cloud
InSync Certified/Integrated Cloud
Kareo Not Participating Cloud
Luminello Not Certified Cloud
MacPracticeMD Integrated Both
MDSynergy Not participating Cloud
Medent Integrated Cloud
Medisoft Clinical Not Integrated Cloud
Medisoft Incompatible EHR Cloud
MyAvatar Not Integrated Cloud
NextGen Integrated Both
Office Ally Not Participating Both
OmniMD Interface not finalized Server
OpenEMR Not integrated Cloud
PatientClick Working on integration solution Cloud
Practice Fusion Not Participating Cloud
Successehs/Vitera Integrated Server
Therapymate Not Integrated Cloud
Valant Premium Psychiatric Suite Certified/Integrated Server
VersaForm Not Integrated Cloud
Webchart by MIE Not Integrated Cloud

Check back with this list as we continue to grow. PsychPRO will be continually revising this list as we on board new participants and work with the many EMR/EHRs that are implemented throughout behavioral healthcare settings.

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