Psychiatric Practice Research

The Psychiatric Practice Research (PPR) group of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation is APA’s primary mechanism for studying the state of real-world psychiatric practice. The group conducts mental health services research that is relevant to both policy and clinical practice. It also conducts member surveys to support the mission and strategic priorities of APA.

Research activities include the following:

  • Conducting practice-based research on the effects of national health policy issues such as health care reform and mental health insurance parity on psychiatric practice
  • Assessing the impact of clinical initiatives on psychiatric practice, such as practice guidelines and quality measurement, use of electronic health records, and DSM-5 implementation
  • Determining the characteristics of psychiatric patients, their treatments, and treatment settings
  • Research and survey consultation to the APA administration, leadership, and members

Primary Research Areas

  • Health policy and services research
  • Quality improvement and evidence-based care
  • Psychiatry workforce

Research Resources

  • Published studies in peer-reviewed journals
  • Public use of PPR databases