Why Rate Mental Health Apps?

App Evaluation Model

Step 1: Gather Background Information

Start here by gathering basic background information on your app.

Step 2: Risk/Privacy & Security

Check for data issues and HIPAA compliance.

Step 3: Evidence

Is the app supported by research?

Step 4: Ease of Use

Is the app accessible, usable, and customizable?

Step 5: Interoperability

How easily can the app share data in a meaningful way?

About the Model

Call for Applications: App Advisor Expert Panel

APA is pleased to announce that it will be forming an Expert Panel for its forthcoming resource, APA App Advisor, based on its App Evaluation Model. The expert panel will review apps using the App Evaluation Model to help clinicians and patients identify apps that will best meet their needs.

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App Evaluation Example

View an example of how to utilize APA's recommended model in rating an app.

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App Evaluation Form

Have an app you would like to evaluate? Use APA’s free mobile apps evaluation tool. Your submission will help APA better understand which apps our members are using.

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