App Advisor Expert Panel

APA Seeks Applicants for App Advisor Expert Panel

APA is pleased to announce that it will be forming an Expert Panel for its forthcoming resource, APA App Advisor, based on its App Evaluation Model. The expert panel will review apps using the App Evaluation Model to help clinicians and patients identify apps that will best meet their needs.

The APA App Advisor Expert Panel will receive training on the use of this Model in evaluating mental health apps and then work together to review several apps/month, to be published online by APA. It is anticipated that this diverse group will provide reviews of apps that offer insight into how the model can function as an easy, efficient, and quick evaluative tool in practice.

About the App Evaluation Model

Originally launched in 2017, the Model is an empirically-driven resource for mental health providers1,2 who want to determine whether using an app as adjunctive to therapy in practice is right for them. Evaluating apps can be a difficult process, given the number, type, scope of apps offered within various app stores, and due to the constant updating of apps on the market. The purpose of the model is to offer guidance to clinicians in selecting which apps to use.

The Model guides the user through a series of steps: 1) Gather Background Information on the app, 2) Evaluate Risk of using the app, as well as determine its privacy policies and its overall security, 3) Evaluate its empirical evidence base, 4) Evaluate how easy/efficacious it is to use in practice, and 5) Evaluate its capacity for interoperability with other technologies that the clinician uses in practice (e.g., an EHR).

Who Should Apply

For this project, APA is seeking interested:

  • APA members
  • Other mental health providers
  • Software developers, app designers, and informaticists
  • Medical students and residents
  • People with lived experience of mental illness

How to Apply

  The deadline for applications is August 30, 2019.

To apply to serve on the panel, please send the following to

  1. Current CV or resume
  2. A brief cover letter detailing your interest around technology and/or mental health apps and desire to be a member of the Panel
  3. Two professional references

For those with lived experience of mental illness, only criteria one and two are necessary.

All finalists will complete a phone/videoconferencing interview prior to appointment to the Panel. Work on the Panel is expected to commence by September 30, 2019. Participants will be asked to confirm their willingness to attend an in-person meeting at APA headquarters in Washington, D.C. in late October or early November 2019.


If you have any questions about the nominating process, please contact Feel free to share this announcement.



App Evaluation Model

Step 1: Gather Background Information

Start here by gathering basic background information on your app.

Step 2: Risk/Privacy & Security

Check for data issues and HIPAA compliance.

Step 3: Evidence

Is the app supported by research?

Step 4: Ease of Use

Is the app accessible, usable, and customizable?

Step 5: Interoperability

How easily can the app share data in a meaningful way?

About the Model