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Foundation Luncheons

APA Foundation (APAF), a co-sponsor of this year's conference, will host two panel discussions topically focused around APAF's charitable programming. Lunch will be provided at each event. View titles and descriptions of each day's luncheon:

Mental Health Professionals Role in Reclaiming Community Members from the Justice System

  •  Thursday, October 13
  •  12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

Session will start with a brief overview of facts that will highlight the criminalization of mental illness and the need for all Mental Health Professionals to act. Introduction of Subject Matter Experts for a thought-provoking panel discussion will happen highlighting the different perspectives we have brought together. First poll will be launched to engage the audience in the larger conversation around barriers for community members to engage in care. Panel will engage in discussion from Moderator, about a third of the way through reaction from first poll question from panel and second poll will launch asking audience about barriers to working with community members with criminal justice history. Panel discussion will continue, two thirds of way panel will react to second poll and final poll will launch asking the audience to pick the final question the panel will answer. Will wrap with that question. Final slide will encourage everyone to connect with the APA Foundation, tell them about our Guidebook, and provide contact information.

Frontline Connect: Leading on Mental Health & the Healthcare Workforce

  •  Friday, October 14
  •  12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

Burnout, excessive stress, and a global pandemic have taken a serious toll on the mental health of the nation’s frontline healthcare workforce. Barriers persist and prevent many from accessing needed care and support. But there is reason for hope in newly enacted federal legislation and heightened focus on improving access to mental health care for the frontline healthcare workforce. This session includes discussion on the impact of the new legislation, leadership initiatives, and innovation in addressing these issues. This includes hearing from those making a real difference in protecting the mental health and well-being of those on the frontline of delivering healthcare.

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