APA launches a new online Learning Center Summer 2020

To improve your experience, APA launched an enhanced Learning Center to meet your current and future learning needs.

Important information about the transition:

  • Your login credentials will remain the same so you can easily access your learning activities from one central place.
  • Your course enrollments and completion history will also be transitioned to the new system.
  • However, Activity-level progress within courses cannot be transitioned. APA sent reminder emails to all LMS customers with open activities, which informed the customers to complete their in-progress courses before August 10.

Key improvements include:

  • A modern design and simple navigation tools so you can find what you need when you need it
  • A streamlined, efficient checkout process to get you started learning right away
  • Tailored activity recommendations based on your previous course enrollments and completions
  • A mobile-responsive interface for on-the-go learning using your preferred device

Questions? Contact LearningCenter@psych.org