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APA Publishing is making coronavirus-related content immediately available to the public following acceptance. This central hub lists, by date, all COVID-19-related articles published from each publication.

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Transitioning to Residency During COVID-19

There have been significant changes to medical student education during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including transition to remote learning and cancelation of clerkships and electives. View APA's guidance on navigating the transition to residency during this time.

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APA Advocacy More Updates

JUN 10

APA and Mental Health Community Support H.R. 6645, the COVID-19 Mental Health Research Act


APA Urges CMS to Maintain Recent Telehealth Flexibilities


APA and ACEP Emphasize Support for Provider Health in the Post-COVID-19 Era

MAY 21

APA and Provider Groups Reiterate Opposition to Family Separation at the Border During COVID-19

MAY 19

APA Urges NIH to Work to Limit Impact of COVID on Early and Mid-Career Investigators

MAY 14

America's Frontline Physicians Call For Immigration Protections For International Medical Graduate Physicians (IMGs) During COVID-19 Pandemic

MAY 11

APA Leads Mental Health Groups Sign-on Letter for Telehealth Coverage of ERISA Plans


APA and MHLG Urge Congressional Leadership to Include Funding Requests in COVID-19 Package #4


APA and Research Community Request Non-Profit Research Protections and Funding During COVID-19


APA and Health Professions Groups Advocate for DACA Protections During COVID-19


APA Leads Medical Society Letter Urging Administration to Extend Visas, Expedite Approvals for International Medical Graduates


APA Praises CMS Action to Increase Telehealth Access via Phones

APR 27

APA and Mental Health Groups Urge Secretary Azar to Prioritize Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Emergency Funding

APR 21

APA Urges HHS to Collect Data on COVID-19's Impact on Vulnerable Populations

APR 20

APA Joins Multisociety Letter Against Stigmatization of Asian American Culture During COVID-19

APR 20

APA Spearheads Justice Community Letter Urging Congress to Support Medicaid ReEntry and Crisis Interventions Funding During COVID-19

APR 20

APA and Mental Health Community Issue Statement on the COVID-19 Mental Health and Addiction Crisis

APR 15

APA, AMA, and Health Groups Request Congress Include Protections for Physician Practices in COVID 4

APR 14

APA, Medical/Dental Groups Urge Small Business Committees to Provide COVID-19 Relief for 501(c) (6)s

APR 13

APA Urges Congress to Include Psychiatry Priorities in Future COVID-19 Supplementals

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