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Teens and Parents Often Differ in Reporting on Mental Health Symptoms

A new study presented at the APA Annual Meeting in New York City found frequent disagreement between parent and child in reporting on mental health symptoms. The study was conducted to assess agreement between parent and child using special surveys that were designed to assess symptoms based on the parents’ and teens’ perceptions. The study involved youth age 11 to 17 in treatment for mental health conditions, primarily for diagnoses of ADHD, major depression or generalized anxiety.

Children's Mental Health Awareness Day: Focus on Childhood Trauma

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, May 10, this year focuses on Partnering for Health and Hope Following Trauma. The observance highlights the importance of an integrated health approach to supporting children, youth and young adults with serious emotional disturbance who have experienced trauma.

What Do We Mean by "Duty to Warn"?

There has been much public misconception about “duty to warn,” the requirement of mental health professionals to warn of potential threats. In general, a duty to warn requirement applies to confidential information gained during mental health treatment and does not relate to publicly available information. Here’s a brief summary of requirements.

Online Mental Health Screenings: A Potential First Step

Several organizations provide brief online screenings for depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health conditions. More than one million people took screenings through the Mental Health America site alone in 2016.

Effective Messages to Fight Stigma

Despite increasing public awareness and discussion about mental illness and substance use disorders, stigma is still a major barrier to many people seeking treatment. New research has identified communication strategies that are effective in reducing stigma and increasing public support for policies and programs benefitting people with behavioral health conditions.